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Voluntary Benefits in northern California


As healthcare and the economy continue to change, employers are looking to voluntary benefits for cost effective benefit packages.  Voluntary benefits allow employers to still offer great benefits to their employees, and in return, this enables them to continue to recruit and retain the best employees.


In addition to what employers are looking for, employees are turning to voluntary benefits to supplement their primary major medical policy.  Voluntary benefits can offer more comprehensive coverage to the employees, with no direct cost to the employer.


At Dannenberg Insurance Agency, we are here to meet the demand of the growing voluntary benefit market.  We offer products such as dental, vision, life and much more.  Better yet, we can offer it all without a business contribution.  Employees pay for their benefits themselves through payroll deduction.


In addition, employees can pay for their benefits with pre-tax dollars which saves the employee and the employer money.  Voluntary benefits through Dannenberg Insurance Agency is a win-win situation, and you get to offer some pretty neat benefits.


This is just another way we are looking out for you.

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