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Group Health Insurance in northern Califorina



At Dannenberg Insurance Agency we specialze in helping businesses with their health insurance needs.  We not only offer health insurance, but we also help educate business owners and employees with regard to health insurance products and benefits.  This helps to ensure you are making educated decisions about your healthcare and have a thorough understanding of how coverages actually work.


As your broker, we will help you maintain your small group benefits package in good working order.  We assist in employee communications, act as a liaison between you and the insurer.  We will shop all coverages for you and help you get the most from your benefit dollar.


With medical costs on the rise, it's wise to purchase the best group health insurance available.  As a premier health insurance provider in northern California, Dannenberg Insurance Agency strives to make medical care affordable for you and your employees.


At Dannenberg Insurance Agency, our group health insurance carriers offer plans designed to ensure that your employees and family members get the coverage they need without burdensome out-of-pocket costs.  When you come to us, you will get:


  • A variety of options for group health insurance

  • A valuable plan that accommodates your ecomonic situation

  • Competitive rates that take your company's size into account

  • The prescription coverage you and your employees need


Give your valued employees the peace of mind they deserve with a solid group health insurance plan.  Call Dannenberg Insurance Agency today to schedule an appointment and learn more about your options for coverage.





Our Everyday Group Major Medical Services



  • Free, no obligation quotes


  • Annual review of your plan at anniversary


  • Perform employee meetings to review current or new plan benefits


  • Provide rate sheets for employees reflecting employer/employee contribution calculations


  • Provide enrollment assistance when moving to a new benefit program


  • Provide on-going membership administration assistance on current program


  • Provide assistance with claim issues


  • Explain benefits to new hires


  • Encourage employer to utilize our staff to answer benefit, claim, and enrollment questions


  • We also offer dental, vision, and life among many other products to fit your needs


All services are provided at absolutely no addtional cost to you.  That means you will not pay any broker fees, agency fees, or markup to establish your policy with industry leading insurance providers.


To find out more of our group health insurance offerings, call Dannenberg Insurance Agency in Redding, CA today.

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