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Workers' Compensation in northern California


Workers' Compensation insurance protects employers from claims resulting from injuries to employees.  It protects your business from lawsuits and provides employees with compensation for on-the-job injuries.


By law, most employers are required to provide coverage for lost wages and medical bills incurred as a result of on-the-job accidents or illnesses.  For many businesses, this coverage is the largest part of its insurance expense.



Dannenberg Insurance Agency has access to over 50 workers' compensation carriers!


With access to this many carriers, workers' compensation is the fastest growing part of our business.  Every year rates change within those carriers and it is our job to look out for our clients by giving them peace of mind that they are getting the best offer out on the market.



We negotiate with the insurance carriers!


And we do it frequently to help our clients save money.  The more we know about your business the more we can negotiate your premium down.  Answering a few questions from us can pay off in the long run.  A few minutes of your time can result in long term savings.  We know that's in the best intereste of our clients, wouldn't you agree?



No broker fees!


At Dannenberg Insurance Agency we know that if we take care of our clients, they will take care of us.  Of course, that means you will not pay any broker fees, agency fees, or mark up to establish your policy with industry leading insurance providers.

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